Whatsapp Monitor

Wossip allows you to monitor your family and friends WhatsApp usage.

Much more than a monitor

With Wossip you can do much more than simple monitor your contacts. You can also read and reply whatsapp messages being offline. Wossip also saves the deleted messages

How does it work?

You can use Wossip in just 2 simple steps:

1 - Create your account in our website
2 - Scan the QR code provided during the signup with your Whatsapp APP.

And that's all! You don't have to install anything!

All the best features

Unlimited phones numbers

You can monitor as many contact as you want!

Monitor Connection Events

Check the time and duration of each Whatsapp connection

Monitor Status Message & Profile Picture

A notification will appear every time the user updates this elements.

Read Deleted Messages

Wossip will save all the messages! Even the deleted ones.

Send Messages being offline

Wanna text and not be disturb by nobody? Sure! Wossip can do that.

Read Messages being offline

Nobody will see your connection state if you read the messages in our website.